Thursday, June 25, 2009

More from my Studio C
I saw an idea for utilizing a closet as a hidden storage area for a work station (mainly a desk with a computer) in a Pottery Barn catalog. Since I wanted to make my closet as stylish as my window treatment, I opted for curtains instead of a door(s). The problem was finding curtain hardware since I chose to recycle old conduit (earth friendly). My brother, Joe, came to the rescue. He created escutcheon plates from a scrap of sheet metal. He added modified copper pipe caps to hold the conduit rod. I painted them black, rubber stamped and embossed them with UTEE, and then hung them up. There were leftover beads from my window treatment (see previous entry) and so I decided to add them to my custom sewn panels to tie the decorating together.
June '09

Thursday, June 18, 2009

So I saw this idea for a window treatment...

But I needed to do it MY WAY. Vintage and sort of shabby chic. The original idea came from an older book I bought years ago. Kitchen knobs were mounted into the window framework of a window. A curtain panel is created incorporating ribbon loops for hanging.

My way is more "green". Our home has no window mouldings so my goal was to use freebies or low cost items. I started with a bag of plastic beads ($3.50 - Michaels) and some screws ($3.00 - Ace Hardware). I drilled holes through the beads to fit the screws. I bought a pre-primed board at Home Depot for the flat piece ($8.50). The moulding was 4 pieces of scrap that a friend was throwing away (yeah! free!) and the small blocks were scrap of my husband's. Once assembled, a few coats of leftover primer and paint went on.

Not too shabby (pun intended) for about $15.00!! I think it looks GREAT without the curtain too.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Victorian Sampler
I had started this very detailed sampler years ago before Mom got cancer. It was put to the wayside to care for her and I struggled to regain my interest in this relaxing needle art once she passed away. I'm so pleased I gave it a shot again after 9 years.

It's stitched on a beautiful, 32 count creme Belfast linen and measures 6 1/2 inches wide by 18 inches long. My photograph cannot do this piece justice! Threads used were pearle cottons, silks, and embroidery threads. The stitches were satins, hardangers, cross stitch, backstitch, pulled work, and some weaving. The variety made me want to keep stitching on and on. Amazing piece - can't wait for it to be framed. (June '09)